The Skin Centre now offers cosmetic tattooing, specialising exclusively in feather technique eye brows. If you have thinning eye brows, no eye brows, or are sick of the daily grind of pencils, then this might be your answer.

The feather touch brow is a semi-permanent tattoo technique. Gone are the days of the 'block' tattoo technique. The feather work creates a natural hair-like look.

What to expect

Our cosmetic technician will measure your brow, and surgical dots are drawn to ensure symmetry. A small metal hand tool with fine needles is then used to create fine hairline strokes into the skin. A hypo-allergenic iron oxide pigment is then implanted into the skin, which will generally last between 2-5 years. Results may vary depending on your exposure to sun, how much you exfoliate and your resistance to pigment.

Whilst undergoing the procedure, anaesthetic is continually applied to decrease any pain or discomfort that you may feel. Additionally, The Skin Centre offers nerve blocks, to allow complete numbness of the area - this makes the treatment very comfortable.


Immediately after treatment (will fade between 10 - 30% in four weeks)

Semi-permanent feather eye brows

At The Skin Centre, we offer a full set of feather technique eye brows for $650.

Included in this price is a complimentary re-touch follow-up session within six weeks of initial procedure with any amendments of colour or feather strokes.

If you would like a complimentary consultation to discuss cosmetic tattooing, please call us on (07) 5597 7170 to make an appointment.