The Skin Centre is home to one of the largest collections of lasers in Queensland. We are passionate about the treatment of patients with this technology, to achieve the best possible results for the medical condition or cosmetic goal at hand.

Lasers are high energy generating devices that produce waves of light. These waves can be from any part of the light spectrum (colour) and thus lasers are often named after the wavelength of light that they produce (listed in nanometers) such as the 1927 or 1064 laser.

One of the more common reasons someone would elect to have laser is for cosmetic purposes. A cosmetic laser procedure involves the use of these wavelengths to target layers or parts of the skin to alter the contour, colour or texture of the dermis.

Different parts of your skin absorb different wavelengths (colours) of light, so your laser specialist may recommend one or a combination of lasers to achieve your desired results.

Each laser targets different areas / layers of the skin to produce different results. Laser therapy has many applications, be it cosmetic or for medical reasons.

The Skin Centre offers several fractionated laser treatments, which use advanced technology to treat areas microscopically using pin-point laser beams. This means surrounding areas (islands of tissue) are left undamaged. This minimises side effects and speeds healing.

At the Skin Centre, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of lasers and achieving the best results for your skin.

Check out the links below for the available cosmetic laser treatments that we offer, what they can do for you and some helpful tips when having the treatments.

Rejuvenation laser treatments

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