For nail treatments, The Skin Centre uses the 1064 ND Yag laser. If you require nail treatments for any conditions, please call us on (07) 5597 7170.

1064 (ND Yag) laser

This is one of the more common laser treatments, and is excellent for a variety of applications. The 1064 laser is highly effective for:

  • Venous lakes (are soft, compressible papules generally found on sun-exposed surfaces on the border of the lip, face and ears. They appear dark blue to violet in colour, and can be anywhere from 0.2-1cm in diameter)

  • Larger spider veins of the face (these are likened to mini versions of varicose veins)

  • Melasma (tan or dark skin discoloration that is common, that pregnant women are particularly prone to)

  • Onychomycosis (fungal nail infections)