The Skin Centre offers poikeloderma 'red neck' treatment, led by Dr Michael Freeman, Dermatologist and Laser Specialist.

Redness of the neck, or pokeloderma 'red neck', is the staining of the neck which can be embarrassing. Now the removal is safe and effective with the pulsed dye 595nm laser (V Beam), as well as Venus treatments.

Treatment is quick and relatively painless taking only one or two sessions for the V Beam laser, administered by Dr Michael Freeman. You do not need to have time off work although the neck is flushed for a few hours after the procedure. The Venus treatments are between four and six sessions, and delivered by our experienced Cosmetic Technicians. This treatment is effective for poikeloderma, and a relaxing, enjoyable experience at the same time. 

The associated changes in pigmentation can be harder to remove. Dr Freeman will be able to predict your response after an examination. For an appointment, please contact us: call (07) 5597 7170 or email us, [email protected]