Skin accounts for a large part of our physical appearance, and also our health. We are dedicated to achieving the best results for your skin, whatever your goals.

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  • Strawberry Naevus

    At The Skin Centre we offer leading laser therapy to reduce or remove altogether strawberry nevi. This type of birth mark responds best to treatment if caught early. Infants see almost 100% improvement, leaving them with virtually no mark at all.
  • Fractionated CO2 Laser

    This laser therapy is highly effective in targeting wrinkles, acne scarring, facial resurfacing, tightening of the skin and more. In this case, you can see it's highly effective on congenital nevi (which are mole-like in appearance).

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Dr Michael Freeman talks food and skin

This week Dr Michael Freeman was interviewed for The Food Coach, a great website dedicated to health and nutrition. Dr Freeman talks food and skin in this article, giving some great tips for how your diet can effect y ...

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Tattoos and Eczema: What To Expect

Eczema is a common condition that effects many individuals globally. Something that isn't common when thinking about getting a tattoo, is sparing a thought for your eczema if you do suffer from it. Eczema and tattoos hav ...

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Atopic dermatitis and skin cancer

Through a study undertaken in Denmark, researchers have determined there is a suggested relationship between  (eczema) atopic dermatitis and skin cancer. If you suffer from atopic dermatitis, it's important to have yo ...

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